My life in movies


(Snowed in and bored, so here’s something completely silly!)

Movie my brothers got taken to see while my mother was giving birth to me:
Return of the Jedi

First movie I can remember seeing in a theater (the library screening room, IIRC):
The Fox and the Hound

Movie I fiercely fought back tears at, because I was a tough girl at the ripe old age of 6:
All Dogs Go to Heaven

Movies that, embarrassingly, can always make me cry:
Tomorrow is Forever

Movies I can quote every single line of dialogue to because we rented them repeatedly and/or taped them off TV:
Follow That Bird
Robin Hood
National Velvet
Little Mermaid
Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown
What About Bob?

Movie we got to watch if it rained at recess:
The Neverending Story Part 2

Movies that my crazy childhood best friend would watch only certain scenes of, over and over:
The Wizard of Oz (flying monkeys)
Return of the Jedi (Ewoks dancing)
Meet Me in St. Louis (throwing flour in people’s faces)

She might have been insane, it appears:


Movies that were always on HBO when we would get the free trial:
War Games
Rain Main

Movies that my family members quoted until the lines lost all meaning:
Rain Main
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Sling Blade
This one terrible TV movie about Charles and Diana’s divorce that unfortunately is not available anywhere Stateside

Movie my parents bought because the dog liked to watch it, even though no one else did:
Snow Dogs

Movies that informed my notions of romantic relationships:
The Cutting Edge
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
A Far Off Place
The Bodyguard

Movies I watched chiefly because of the hotness of the actors therein:
Swing Kids
Little Women (1994)
White Squall
Eight Men Out
That one where Bon Jovi is on a submarine with Matthew McConaughey

Movies that made me feel smart as a nerdy teen:
The Truman Show
Romeo + Juliet
10 Things I Hate About You

Movies I was so desperate to see I bought illegal, edited DVDs:
Garden State
Love Actually

Movies I watch when I’m sick:
Can’t Hardly Wait
She’s All That
Persuasion (1995)

Movies that shaped my sense of style and aesthetics, to the present day:
Troop Beverly Hills
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Movies I have watched way, way, way too many times:
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Citizen Kane
Pride and Prejudice (1995)
Hot Rod
The Saint

Movies with comically bad Russian dialogue and/or accents:
The Saint
The Hunt for Red October
The Bourne movies (Лштшфум Ащьф)
Independence Day

Movies I saw on awkward dates/group outings/group dates:
The Hulk
A Beautiful Mind
Paradise Now
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Movie I slept through in a theater:
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Sequels I’ve seen without having seen the first film:
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (well sort of)
Toy Story 2
The Incredibles 2 (in Russian no less)
Oceans 12
Return to the Blue Lagoon

Indie movie I saw on an early date with my husband:
Children of Invention

Movies my husband made me watch before we could get engaged:
Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
Those other three ones

Movies I made my husband watch after he put a ring on it:
Roger & Me
Hot Rod
Escanaba in da Moonlight
Love Actually (see above)

Movies I don’t understand why everyone loves:
The Goonies
The Notebook

Movies I didn’t see until later in life and now regret all those years not knowing:
Soul Man
In the Mood for Love

Movie I have no intention of ever seeing:

Movie my husband cannot believe I’ve never seen:
The Shawshank Redemption

Movies my husband and I quote most often to each other:
Summer Catch
Varsity Blues
School of Rock
Bring It On
Eddie & the Cruisers Part II: Eddie Lives!
The Other Sister
The Saint

Possibly the best gift I have ever received:
Eddie & the Cruisers parts 1 & 2 DVD set

Movie I watched once in the middle of the night and told everyone was awesome for the next decade and then rewatched and was so embarrassed:
Thank God It’s Friday

Movie I’ve seen the first 15 minutes of, over and over, on an overseas flight:
V for Vendetta

Movie I watched in a hotel room in Denmark because it was literally the only thing on TV that wasn’t porn:
Hotel for Dogs

Movies I will sit down and watch every time they’re on TV regardless of how many times I’ve seen them/how good or bad they are:
Happy Gilmore
Tommy Boy
The Breakfast Club
Sleepless in Seattle
A Few Good Men
Dumb and Dumber
Office Space

Movies I think are dumb but I will hate-watch if I am in the right mood and have a potent potable:
The Jane Austen Book Club
Runaway Bride
The Last Song
The Lincoln Lawyer
Blue Crush

Movies I hate so much I can’t speak about them coherently for very long without just starting to make noises:
Garden State
Emma (1996)
Dan in Real Life
The Village

Movies in which I root for the “bad guy”:
The Sound of Music (Baroness Shraeder is awesome.)
Return of the Jedi (The Emperor)
Swing Kids (Christian Bale, that is, not, you know, Hitler)
Armageddon (the asteroid)

Movie I should have seen in a theater:
The Perfect Storm

Last movie I saw in the theater:

Next movie I will see in a theater:
Casablanca, if I can drag the mister


Po prostu (Simply) | Julia Hartwig


Po prostu

Na wszystko przyjdzie pora
Ale nie przyjdzie czas wskrzeszenia pierwszych nadziei
i pierwszych miłości
ani utrwalenia w słowach tego co przebiega ci przez głowę jak wiatr
i bywa przeczuciem jakiejś ważnej prawdy
lecz umyka tak szybko jakoby swawoliło
Przychodzi jednak nieodwołalnie pora
kiedy po kolei tracić zaczynasz wszystko co kochałeś
i wszystkich którzy odchodząc stąd
nie wyjawiają ci czy odchodzą zawiedzeni
Przychodzi ten czas
a ty przyjmujesz go bez wstydu i pokory
ot tak po prostu

Julia Hartwig


(Photo credit: simone|cento)


For everything there will come a time
but the time for resurrection of first hopes and first loves
     will not come
nor for arresting in words that which runs through your head like
     a wind
and might be a premonition of some weighty truth
but escapes as quickly as if it frolicked
Inevitably the time comes however
when one by one you begin to lose all the things you’ve loved
and all those who leave from here
without revealing to you if they depart disappointed
That time does come
and you accept it without shame or humility
just like that simply
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The Letter | Dana Gioia


The Letter
by Dana Gioia




Adams Express Company postmark, with 'Paid 10'...

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And in the end, all that is really left
Is a feeling—strong and unavoidable—
That somehow we deserved something better.
That somewhere along the line things
Got fouled up. And that letter from whoever’s
In charge, which certainly would have set
Everything straight between us and the world,
Never reached us. Got lost somewhere.
Possibly mislaid in some provincial station.
Or sent by mistake to an old address
Whose new tenant put it on her dresser
With the curlers and the hairspray forgetting
To give it to the landlord to forward.
And we still wait like children who have sent
Two weeks’ allowance far away
To answer an enticing advertisement
From a crumbling, yellow magazine,
Watching through years as long as a childhood summer,
Checking the postbox with impatient faith
Even on days when mail is never brought.





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Lines Lost among Trees
Billy Collins



(Photo credit: Mark Bridge)


These are not the lines that came to me
while walking in the woods
with no pen
and nothing to write on anyway.

They are gone forever,
a handful of coins
dropped through the grate of memory,
along with the ingenious mnemonic

I devised to hold them in place-
all gone and forgotten
before I had returned to the clearing of lawn
in back of our quiet house

with its jars jammed with pens,
its notebooks and reams of blank paper,
its desk and soft lamp,
its table and the light from its windows.

So this is my elegy for them,
those six or eight exhalations,
the braided rope of syntax,
the jazz of the timing,

and the little insight at the end
wagging like the short tail
of a perfectly obedient spaniel
sitting by the door.

This is my envoy to nothing
where I say Go, little poem-
not out into the world of strangers’ eyes,
but off to some airy limbo,

home to lost epics,
unremembered names,
and fugitive dreams
such as the one I had last night,

which, like a fantastic city in pencil,
erased itself
in the bright morning air
just as I was waking up.







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